Do you want to be part of making a HOME for a homeless youth?

When you donate to the Property Industry Foundation, your money will literally build a home for homeless young people, like Amanda.

Amanda was homeless every night when she was only 12 years old. This is not what you expect to hear in Australia, is it?

There are too many Aussie kids, 12 years and younger, that are homeless. In fact, tonight there will be around 16,000 children, here in Australia, that don’t have a home to sleep in.

The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this problem of youth homelessness. With supporters like you, the Property Industry Foundation builds homes to give homeless teenagers a safe place to live. These homes are called PIF Houses.

Since the first PIF House in 2000, together with your support we have built 137 bedrooms in 16 houses. Every PIF House you help to build, provides four or five homeless kids with a place to live and the chance at a fresh start.

The PIF House in Dulwich Hill took Amanda away from her traumatic experiences and instead gave her support and stability so she could rebuild her life. But without your help, we can’t build more houses. We need you to continue providing homes to other homeless youth – so they can turn their life around, like Amanda did.

“Comparing myself now to 12-year old me is… It’s like completely different. I’ve got a 12-year old daughter and I look at her now and think [how] I couldn’t imagine someone that young going through such a difficult time.”


We need your help to raise $40,000. Without you, our incredibly generous construction and property industry workers, these kids would be without a safe home. Our goal is to complete 30 bedrooms in 2021. Can you please help us get there?

Amanda’s Story: Who can I trust?

See how the PIF House Program helped Amanda turn her life around


At only 12 years old, Amanda was homeless and alone.

She spent two years in and out of temporary accommodation until she landed a place in the PIF House in Dulwich Hill, operated by charity partner Stepping Stone House.

For the first time in a long time, Amanda had a permanent roof over her head. But it wasn’t an instant safe space.

“I felt, in all honesty, pretty worthless. Because everybody before this program had given up on me, washed their hands of me basically thought I was a hopeless case”


Years without parents, a support network or a home left Amanda with little hope or trust. She avoided help and care.

Allowing people to help

For Amanda, the PIF House became a pivotal part in her life journey. This house became the foundation for love and trust that would allow her to secure for a better and brighter future.

“[…] I truly believe that I probably would have ended up either in jail or probably dead… But having that house and that stability there changed everything. Absolutely everything.”