Hard Hat 2020

Hard Hat 2020

Hard Hat 2020 celebrates the construction and property industry. It’s when the industry comes together to raise funds for homeless youth.

When is it?

Hard Hat 2020 starts in July and culminates with National Hard Hat Day on Friday 28 August. You can run your event or fundraising activity on any day that suits you.

If possible, we ask you bank your donation prior to the end of PIF’s financial year in October.

Our goal

Together, we’ll raise $150,000 to build three PIF House bedrooms for homeless youth in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Are there any fees involved?

There is no registration fee. The focus is on maximising your fundraising.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in Hard Hat 2020.

Organise a barbie, donate an hour of your pay, or organise a virtual fundraising activity with your workmates. Or you can check out our list of ideas here.

A few quick examples include:

  • SITE: Have a BBQ for breakfast or lunch for a fixed price or a gold coin donation. Or organise a raffle.
  • OFFICE: Get your team together and have a bake-off, a book sale, or an international food day. Or you could hold an auction.
  • DONATE AN HOUR OF YOUR PAY: Speak to your Payroll Team about donating an hour of your pay. Send us an email and we’ll provide a form for you to take to Payroll.

Set yourselves a fundraising goal

Set yourself a fundraising goal this is slightly out of reach but also achievable. Ask your employer to match every dollar you raise. Pass around the ‘hard hat’. If it looks like you’re going to get to goal well before 28 August, you can always up the ante.

Then make a donation on behalf of your team to the Property Industry Foundation – so together, we can keep building homes for homeless youth.



July - 28 August 2020


Any time that suit you


Your worksite or office, Online Event

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