Connect over a coffee

Coffee Roulette is a monthly networking opportunity for young professionals in the property industry. Once you sign up, we will match you with a different peer in the industry each month. You then connect with that person to meet up for a coffee – either in person or online.

The purpose of the match-making is to connect you with someone you don’t know in the industry. You share what’s happening in your world, exchange ideas, help each other solve problems, and expand your network. Who knows, maybe a new business opportunity or a golfing buddy might come out of it?

PIF Coffee Roulette is available to property professionals only.

How it works

  • Sign up below
  • Every month, you will be sent the details of an industry colleague to connect with
  • Communicate your suited time and location (either in person or via the online platform of your choice)
  • Watch your connections grow
  • Encourage others in the industry to sign up.