Give Through Your Pay

With your help we can have an impact on thousands of young, vulnerable people through funding systemic change, supporting our partner charities and building homes for homeless youth.

Young people need to have a safe place to live to thrive & fulfill their potential.

Donate to Charity through Your Pay

Workplace Giving or giving through your pay is a simple, low cost way for you to make regular donations that are automatically deducted from your pre-tax pay to assist the Property Industry Foundation – and the donations really do make a difference!

Why Donate Via Your Salary?

Workplace giving is a joint relationship between employers, employees and the Property Industry Foundation. Individuals contribute a small portion of their pre-tax salary to the Foundation and receive the tax benefit straight away rather than waiting until the end of the financial year. For example, if you donate $20, it will only cost you $12.60[1] but the Foundation will receive the full $20. In most cases, employers will match staff donations, so the value of your donation will double to $40 direct to the Foundation.

The most successful way to increase donations is for workplaces to match donations. Businesses can enhance the impact of their workplace giving program by incorporating volunteering, skill-sharing and in-kind support.

[1] Exact figures are dependent on the individual’s ATO personal tax bracket
“If just 10% of working Australians donated $5 per week through their pay, an additional $260m would be generated each year.”

The Benefits

For Employees

  • Donations are made pre-tax so more of your gift goes to the Property Industry Foundation

  • Low administration fees

  • You will be making a tangible impact on homeless youth

For Employers

  • Attract quality employees who look for community minded “employers of choice”

  • Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way for organisations to support the community

  • Positive internal and external public relations

  • Workplace Giving results are reported back so that your staff know how their contribution has been utilised

Easy setup

Many companies offer Workplace Giving to their employees.

You can:

  • Contact your Human Resources or Payroll Department to organise your donation from your pre-tax pay.

  • It is possible that your employer has already set up Workplace Giving through one of our partners – Good2Give in which case, contact them directly to organise your donation.

  • Workplaces are also encouraged to support their staff by matching donations.

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Information for Employers

Workplace Giving or giving through your pay is one of the most cost effective ways businesses can help support the community. It gives employees a simple, convenient, and efficient way to give to a cause they care about. Once established, there is little maintenance or cost incurred for the employer and with little administration cost for the Property Industry Foundation, the money can go where it is really needed. Even a small weekly amount when donated by a number of employees can go a long way towards helping the Foundation to make a difference.

Workplace giving correlates with greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact.

You can monitor the level of charitable giving that your company has helped achieve. Receive regular updates on how the money you have raised has helped to change lives. Any administration costs involved are tax-deductible.

Tax Deductibility Information

A note that donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia.

46,000 Young People Are Homeless

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