Take your unwanted office furniture and turn it into a donation for homeless youth in 3 easy steps

1. Sell your unwanted furniture

Get in touch with us to recycle old furniture. Our partner Egans will come and assess your furniture and give you a complimentary quote.

2. Save the planet

Your furniture is resold, re-used or re-manufactured by corporate restoration and recycling expert Egans. You get a sustainability statement on your impact on the environment.

3. Help homeless youth

Donate all or part of the funds you receive from the sale to support homeless youth. All funds go to the PIF House Program.

All you have to do is contact Priscilla Heathwood on 0438 686 370 or email pheathwood@pif.com.au.

Please note, the furniture fund operates in NSW and VIC only at this stage.

What's in it for you?

  • An easy and sustainable way to dispense of furniture.
  • Furniture will be resold, re-used or stripped down and used for parts – nothing is wasted.
  • Be part of a circular economy.
  • Support homeless youth through a donation.

Some helpful tools

Contact us and learn more

If you have any questions, please call Priscilla Heathwood on 0438 686 370 or email pheathwood@pif.com.au.
Please note, the furniture fund operates in NSW and VIC only at this stage.

Furniture Fund Committees

VIC Furniture Fund Committee

  • Sophie Walsh, MPA – sophie.walsh@mpa.com.au (Chair)
  • Andrew Borley, Mirvac – andrew.borley@mirvac.com
  • Katherine Noden, GPT – katherine.noden@gpt.com.au
NSW Furniture Fund Committee

  • Sarah Hogan, MPA – sarah@mpa.com.au
  • Letitia Hope, ISPT – lhope@ispt.net.au
  • Nellie O’Keeffe, Oxford Properties – NOKeeffe@oxfordproperties.com
  • Bridgeen Rocks, Aecom – bridgeen.rocks@aecom.com
  • Lorraine Lee, Dexus – lorraine.lee@dexus.com
  • Gemma Seabourne, Charter Hall – gemma.seabourne@charterhall.com.au


How much does getting a quote for unwanted furniture cost?

This process is complimentary, after contacting the Furniture Fund Team, our partner, Egans, will come at a convenient time for you to assess the furniture.

How much does it cost to remove and store the furniture?

Each furniture project will be quoted on an individual basis.  An assessment of the furniture will be made and a commercial offer to purchase the furniture that has value and that money is donated to PIF.

How can I make a donation to Property Industry Foundation?

Once you receive your offer from Egans, the Property Industry Foundation will issue you a tax-deductable donation invoice for payment.

How much notice do we need to provide the Furniture Fund team when moving office?

Whilst we appreciate as much notice as possible, our team would prefer 2 weeks’ notice, we are however able to respond in less time.

How much of the furniture actually gets recycled?

For the furniture that has no value, we offer a full resource recovery and landfill avoidance program which will be quoted at the same time as we make an offer. We aim to achieve a landfill avoidance percentage of higher than 75%.

What is an environmental sustainability report and why do we need it?

Once we have put all furniture through the grading program a full environmental report of resource, recovery and landfill avoidance will be reported to capture the sustainability initiatives.

Can I give the furniture direct to the charity partners of the Property Industry Foundation to home?

Whilst the gesture is greatly appreciated, many of the homes have specific requirements for their furniture, so the funds raised from your donation will go towards building a new home and a safe place for young people to live.

How do I provide information to current landlords and tenant?

Information and marketing packs can be found on the website for you to download and circulate.

What happens is my furniture is old and it can’t be sold?

In some circumstances, furniture may hold no value, however there is always opportunity to recycle.

Where does the donation go?

Your organisations donation goes towards building a Property Industry Foundation house. These houses provide our charity partners a safe and new environment to provide support and wrap around services to young people that are at risk of homelessness.

To find our more about a PIF House program click here

Where do I find out how my organisation can get involved with Property Industry Foundation initiatives and engagement opportunities?

There are ample ways that your organisation can get involved, be that attending events, volunteering, creating your own fundraising initiatives and many more. Please do contact the team at 1800 313 116.