Product Partnerships

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Foundation Partners of the Property Industry Foundation

Share a percentage of revenue on nominated products or collections with the Foundation. This sustainable long-term funding stream provides Foundation Partners with unique access to our community, generating increased sales and an ongoing revenue stream. This is a simple way to fit into existing procurement models, with a unique ESG impact.​


  • Foundation Partner: Increase your market share with an introduction to our partners and the opportunity to create a preferred supplier partnership. ​

  • Corporate Partner: Save on product costs through ongoing partnership with the Foundation Partner, while contributing to reducing youth homelessness. ​

  • Property Industry Foundation: A sustainable funding stream continuing our work to build homes for homeless youth

How it Works

1. Sign a 3-5 year memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Foundation to share a percentage of sales revenue created through Foundation network. ​

2. Introductions to targeted key partners across the Foundation are facilitated by the Foundation, and partnerships becomes a key addition to your unique value proposition.​

3. Non-exclusive supplier partnerships are built where agreed between corporate and foundation partners to foster ongoing partnership. ​

4. Quarterly donations shared with the Foundation reflective of the additional sales built through steps 2 and 3.

Existing Partners

Light Project

A lighting solutions provider and supply chain partner


Global leader in carpet tile design & manufacture