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Our 25th Anniversary Charity night resulted in $958,750 pledged in cash and in-kind donations

On Thursday 28 July 2022, at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney, we celebrated over 25 years of building and refurbishing homes that give 1000s of young people every year a safe and secure place to sleep.

Our sold out 25th Anniversary Charity night paid homage to the early years, celebrated the wonderful community of people in the room and launched our new Haven Project, Haven House South Dowling, a 19 bedroom transitional accommodation apartment block for homeless youth exiting state care. This is our biggest project to date.

Working together to improve youth homelessness

The Property Industry Foundation and The Salvation Army have joined together in partnership to bring Haven House South Dowling to fruition. Thursday night saw the launch of a capital campaign to help fund construction of the new $5 million Haven House South Dowling and support young people experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives.

Roberts Co have joined the project as lead construction partners. Alison Mirams, CEO, Roberts Co, spoke on the night as Campaign President and announced that the previous chairs of the Foundation, who were in the room on the night, Greg Paramor, Victor Hoog Antick and Bob Johnston, have also agreed to help with the capital campaign.

Fundraising for Haven House South Dowling kicked off on the night, focusing on three areas of the Oasis program which will be run in the new transitional accommodation.

Simon Takio, Team Leader, Oasis Sydney spoke about the importance of safety and security for the young people at Oasis;

Will Mataka, Program Manager, Oasis Sydney spoke about the importance of building relationships with the young people in the program; and

Omar Bensaidi, Team Leader, Oasis Sydney spoke about the importance of teaching young people living skills to prepare for life after Oasis.

By the end of the night, $958,750 was pledged in cash and in-kind donations.
What an accomplishment!

Haven House South Dowling

The Property Industry Foundation will manage the construction of Haven House South Dowling having secured a 50-year lease from the City of Sydney and achieved planning and building approvals.

“One of the things I particularly love about the Foundation is how it collaborates – not only with the industry but also with other charities. For this project, the Salvation Army’s Oasis program will operate the apartment block. It gives them an additional 19 beds in Sydney, to add to their existing 36 bedrooms – so on completion the Salvation Army’s oasis program will have 55 bedrooms.

This means that they will be able to offer longer-term stays to vulnerable youth.”

“At the moment, the Salvation Army has 12 crisis beds – where you might only be there for 6 days – and 24 transitional beds – where you might get a 6-month stay.

Our new 19 bedrooms will give them an option to offer young people stays of between 1 to 3 years, giving them the time to finish their education, establish themselves in a job, have a rental history and finally have the serious option of being able to live an ordinary life.

All the things, we and our children take for granted every single day.”

Alison Mirams, CEO, Roberts Co.

Thank You

Thank you for joining us in our celebration of 25 years of building homes for homeless youth. It was fantastic to take a trip down memory lane with you in celebration of what the Property Industry Foundation has accomplished. We remembered all homes we have built and refurbished as well as the fun we have had along the way at the hard hat BBQs, regattas, balls, car rallies, cycling rides and sleep outs that have been our signature fundraising events.

With the launch of our new Haven House South Dowling Project, you can go here to see the early stages of our newest Haven Home for 19 homeless youth exiting state care. By partnering with one of the country’s most trusted charities, The Salvation Army Oasis, the Property Industry Foundation has ensured residents of Haven House South Dowling will have access to a wide range of programs and services which address the often-complex health and welfare needs of young people who are experiencing homelessness.

“Thank you to everyone who was there on the night and all of you who have supported us for over 25 years. You’re part of our generous network of property and construction industry supporters continuing the legacy of making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable at-risk young Australians.”

Kate Mills, CEO, Property Industry Foundation