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A Chance to Make Meaningful Connections

Christine Obeid, CFO of Chalouhi, like many, started out over six years ago supporting a handful of initiatives for the Property Industry Foundation, but as her connections grew, the passion and care she saw from others in the industry drove her to contribute more of her time and resources.

Now a member of the Foundation’s Board of Advisors, Christine is using her decades of experience in the finance, property, engineering and construction sectors, to improve the lives of Australia’s homeless youth and encourages others in the industry to also get involved. “I’m a naturally social person at heart and through the Foundation I can connect with others in the industry in a meaningful and personal way.”

Contributing to Real Change

Christine explains that what she initially saw as a philanthropic opportunity quickly became something much more significant and mutually beneficial. “I was so impressed by seeing people from all areas of the industry throwing their hat in the ring and contributing their skills for change,” she says.

In connecting with the industry beyond work, Christine discovered a large group of people who shared a moral grounding and dedication to give back to those less fortunate. “The Foundation’s connection in the industry is a huge bright spot in my professional career. It’s incredible to be able to reach out to the industry and employ their talents to give back to homeless youth. It’s also given me a fantastic opportunity to discover new things about my current professional contacts and forge new connections through a common goal.”

Grow Your Network Through Good

Christine is passionate about using her role on the board to drive home the benefits taking part in the Foundation can bring; through professional links, networking, social opportunities, and in improving the lives of homeless youth, now and in the future. She encourages contractors and suppliers in the construction industry to recognise they can be part of something personally and professionally enriching.

“There are so many great industry professionals with the talent, resources and care to make a difference, They can do so much for The Haven Projects, given the opportunity.”  

Christine can be reached directly via Linkedin or by email at