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With your help we want to build a therapy room centre for Act for Kids in Caboolture. It will mean hundreds of children in the area will get access to the help they need to set them on the right track. These are children that comes from difficult circumstances, often they are living with an extended family member and Act for Kids works to help them overcome obstacles so they can remain with that carer and have some stability in their lives.

We know it’s been a tough year, but when our industry comes together, amazing things happen. We have been supporting Act for Kids in other states – a few years ago we refurbished a therapy centre for them in Victoria and it’s had incredible results. Results like Ethan’s. We want to be able to do the same in QLD for young children at risk.

You can help us get these therapy rooms built in 2021 by joining us at our virtual charity pledge night on 3 December at 5.30-7.00. You will hear from the charities that we build for what a difference it makes to young people’s lives. You will work with us to help us achieve our vision of a safe and secure world for every young Australian.


Some resources to help you spread the word:

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  4. A short clip for you to see how the night works (click here)

There have been a lot of challenges thrown at us this year but at the Property Industry Foundation our vision remains clear: We want to rebuild lives with you, one bedroom at a time.