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The Property Industry's Hard Hat initiative has raised nearly $55,000 for homeless youth so far, with more to coming in through November.

This year, with the Covid-19 restrictions, the activities and events for the Property Industry’s Hard Hat Day were wide and varied. Ranging from online trivia and bingo to face to face BBQs and staff donating an hour of their pay, the companies participating pulled out all the stops this year, holding activities and events when it suited them and their teams.

The Property Industry Foundation would like to thank everyone involved in Hard Hat in 2021. See some of the great initiatives below:

Just some Hard Hat happenings

Mirvac Hard Hat Raffle for homeless youth

Mirvac is hosting an online raffle to raise funds for the Property Industry Foundation’s Hard Hat initiative during the month of November.

Mirvac is providing a prize pool of 21 items valued at over $28,000 with support from our amazing industry partners to put you in the draw for some fantastic prizes that will also help change young lives.

Dennis Family Corporation

Dennis family Hard hat- PIF

The staff of the Dennis Family Corporation have once again defied the many obstacles presented by the ongoing coronavirus situation this year to raise almost $4,500 for homeless youth. Continuing over a decade of support, the corporation staff voluntary donated from their pay in June towards the Property Industry’s Hard Hat initiative.


The team at Unispace used this year’s Hard Hat as an opportunity to reconnect during lockdown with an online trivia/Vaccum dance night. They raised over $14,000 on the night!! Thank you to Unispace for using Hard Hat to come together as a team while helping homeless youth in need.

Air guitar


Girl at laptop

Trivia night over $1,600 CBRE made the most of a team gathering for their Hard Hat activities this year. Combining the magic of zoom meetings and an engaged knowledgeable office to host a CBRE Trivia Night with donations to enter going towards this year’s Hard Hat. They raised over $1,600.

Kane Construction

The Kane Queensland office raised over $2,000 with a raffle off and BBQs across QLD for this year’s Hard Hat Day.


Kick Start Cafe

Hard hat- PIF- Charterhall

The Kickstart Cafe supports young people chasing their culinary dreams and this year they signed up for fundraising for the Property Industry’s Hard Hat initiative. For a second year in a row. Thank you to all those working at the cafe as well as all their patrons.


The SHAPE staff played online bingo for Hard Hat Day and raised over $4,100 for homeless youth.

Shape Bingo


Chaloui prizes

hosted the Chalouhi Golden Bucket Raffle for the month of October in support of the Property Industry’s Hard Hat Day. Raising close to $17,000 for homeless youth.

PIF- Chaloui

Property Council of Australia QLD


Focused on raising funds for the Property Industry’s Hard Hat at their October and November lunches. They have raised over $5,600 with a relaxing staycation prize to the lucky winner, so thank you to the Property Council of Australia QLD and their members.

Honorable mentions

  • Pomeroy Capital raising around $1,000
  • Roberts & Co raising over $4,500

  • Lendlease NSW RBU Projects raising over $600

  • St Hilliers Long term Property Industry Foundation partner hosted breakfast BBQs for Hard Hat Day on 8 October, raising over $600.

A huge thank you to everyone that has done Hard Hat, is still doing Hard Hat or is a year on year supporter of making the time to get together as an industry in a way that connects us and gives back to homeless young Australians.

Hard Hat is a focal point for the industry through August, but don’t let that stop you from finding the time and ways to host an event with your team that helps us build more rooms for youth in need.

Host a Hard Hat Day