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A tax deductible donation

PIF's Tax Appeal

PIF’s Tax Appeal is now live! Last week, we launched our end of financial year appeal and you will have received our emails and seen the social media campaign. Please support it and spread the word if you can. 

COVID-19 has had an immediate impact on homelessness. In speaking with our PIF House managers, we know there are more young people in need than ever before. They have told us that there is a food shortage and they need help.  

Nigel Parker, the General Manager of St Laurence House (a charity which operates out of PIF House Kingsfordsaid, “The last thing we imagined was a food shortage. We went from fully donated daily supplies to zero overnight.”  

It costs just $85 to feed a young person in a PIF House for a whole week. Our appeal to all our supporters including you is a request to donate whatever you can. 

$85 is all it takes to help feed a young person for a week.  

All donations over $2 are 100% tax-deductable. And 100% of all funds raised will be disbursed to our network of PIF Houses across Australia. 

If you are in a position to make a donation, we can make sure no one in a PIF House goes hungry. 


There are many ways to contribute to make

a tangible difference