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A moment to pay respect to our lost homeless

End Street Sleeping Collaboration will be running a memorial day on Monday the 21st of June in respect to the less fortunate that have passed as a result of their living environment. This is a sad but necessary reminder of the importance of human life, recognising that these individuals aren’t statistics, but living people with different backgrounds personalities and upbringings that made them special.

When we say we build homes for homeless youth, we drive this message knowing that many risks and dangers are ever-present for homeless young people. To have a bedroom to sleep in at night is a life-changing opportunity for generations of young people that shouldn’t have to grow up in these environments.

Invite provided from End Street Sleeping Collaboration

21 June is the longest night of the year, also known as the winter solstice.
On this day, we commemorate all individuals who have died while experiencing homelessness in the past year.
A Homeless Memorial Service is being held to honour and remember those who have died on the streets and in the shelters of Sydney.
Sadly, for many homeless who have died during Covid, this is their only commemoration.

The hope is also to bring our community’s attention to the need to end street sleeping, as well as the plight experienced by homeless people, especially during the cold winter months, when high numbers of deaths occur.
We welcome all affected by homelessness: victims, carers, family, friends, outreach workers, health workers, volunteers and community.

 6:30pm, Monday 21 June 2021

Peace Park – adjacent to St Canice’s, 28 Roslyn St, Elizabeth Bay

RSVPs not required