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For every Haven House that provides a safe space to homeless youth, we are supported by our highly skilled industry. This month, we say a big thank you to BINGO Industries, recycling and waste management partners.

For the past few years, our building sites have been kept clean and tidy with the generous support of BINGO. By providing essential skip bins, recycling and waste management to house builds and worker bees, BINGO has been a key partner in the construction of Haven Houses in Dulwich Hill, Toongabbie, Parkview, Orange and Blacktown. To date, their gifts in kind have equaled nearly 90K.

“BINGO has been a proud partner of the Property Industry Foundation for a number of years,” says Chris Gordon, General Manager, Corporate Development.”

“BINGO is committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate, and The Haven Project provides us with a practical way of doing that. By providing skip bins and recycling and waste management services to the program, BINGO is supporting an initiative that has a material, positive impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.”

The construction industry generates a high volume of waste and we’re grateful to BINGO for their continued support in sustainable waste management methods and careful disposal of waste products.

BINGO is a fully-integrated, recycling and waste management company with operations across New South Wales and Victoria. BINGO provides end-to-end solutions across the resource management supply chain including collection, processing and recovery, disposal and manufacturing. They have the largest network of recycling and resource recovery centres across NSW and Victoria. They’re also contributing to Australia’s circular economy through their ECO Product range of recycled building and landscaping materials.