Our Vision & Mission

The Property Industry Foundation brings together the property and construction industry in a unique collaboration to have a tangible impact on youth homelessness. Powered by the industry, The Foundation builds homes for homeless youth and provides ongoing support for homes where young people can rebuild their lives.

Our Vision

For over 25 years the Property Industry Foundation has been working with businesses in the industry to increase the supply of accommodation for homeless youth.

Our vision is a safe home for every young Australian.

Our Mission

To have a tangible impact on youth homelessness.

The Property Industry Foundation does this by increasing the number of bedrooms available for homeless youth and supporting initiatives that have a tangible impact on youth homelessness.

Our Values






Health & Safety


Our Goal

The Foundation has been building and refurbishing homes for homeless youth since 1996 and aims to build 300 bedrooms for homeless youth by 2025.

Affordable, suitable and stable housing is fundamental in ensuring the economic, social, psychological and physical wellbeing of young people. Building a bedroom is just the beginning, the subsequent collaboration with our charity partners is what really changes lives.

We have built 238 bedrooms to date. That is 86,870 nights of safety. The Foundation has another 44 in our pipeline for 2023/24

Get Involved

Join us in our mission. Be in good company. The Foundation is the industry’s charity, providing social impact, engagement and networking opportunities. We are supported by over 140 businesses in the industry, including all the major players.