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ADCO is back at the wheel this year as our official Tour de PIF Vic Sponsor.

Team ADCO will be out on their bikes riding for homeless youth in the beautiful hilly terrain of the Yarra Valley, Victoria on Friday 17 November. Tour de PIF raises funds to build homes and offer support programs for at-risk and homeless young people as part of The Haven Project. “ADCO are strongly aligned with the Property Industry Foundation and love to get behind their events and projects,” says Andrew Fullard, Estimating Manager. “We enjoy a high level of support from management across all states on Foundation events like the Tour de PIF and its terrific to see so many colleagues getting involved. Simple participation in numbers is the secret to the event. Thanks to all staff, family, friends, and associated companies who have donated or will donate to a great cause through any of the ADCO participants. Every single dollar helps.”

The Foundation are delighted that this year’s Tour de PIF Vic is a sell-out event. Sponsor our cyclists and teams as they take on punishing hill climbs and challenge their legs.