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ADCO Constructions has come on board as the building partner for the next PIF House in Sydney which will give a safe and secure place to live for five homeless youth.

ADCO has been a strong supporter of the Property Industry Foundation’s work for the past 17 years. It is a donor to the Foundation and also participates in Hard Hat Day. Last year it was the top fundraiser for the inaugural Property Industry 30-Day Fitness Challenge, raising over $50,000 for homeless youth.

“ADCO is delighted to be building partner for the Property Industry Foundation’s next project, which will provide a better quality of life for the young residents soon to take up residence there”

“We have gladly supported the Foundation’s activities in addressing youth homelessness for nearly two decades. Our vision is to give back to the communities in which we live and work and we are grateful for PIF and the work they do to achieve very real changes.”

Neil Harding, CEO of ADCO Constructions

The PIF House Program is the flagship program for the Foundation, where it brings together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth. The Foundation fundraises both cash and in-kind donations to build these homes which are run by its frontline charity partners. In this case, ADCO and the Foundation will be building a 5-bedroom home for Stepping Stone House in Dulwich Hill.

“The collaborative work of PIF and ADCO will dramatically change young lives forever,”

“Their ongoing efforts will create a safe place for children and young people at risk or experiencing homelessness to heal, build resilience, create connections and become the very best they can be. This is an invaluable gift.”

Jason Juretic, CEO of Stepping Stone House

This is the second house that the Foundation has built for Stepping Stone House. The first one was a 5-bedroom house built in 2009 with Brookfield Multiplex as the building partner.  says Kate Mills, CEO of the Foundation. “Building homes for homeless youth does make a difference.”

“Since that first house was built, hundreds of young people have slept in those rooms and been given a chance to rebuild their lives,”

“Building homes for homeless youth does make a difference.”

Kate Mills, CEO of Property Industry Foundation

The PIF House Program was launched in 2017, building on the success of the Foundation in building homes. Since 2018, the Foundation has built homes with a total of 76 bedrooms. On average, each bedroom is occupied by 3 young people each year – some for one night and some for six months. The vision of the Foundation is that every young Australian has a safe and secure place to sleep and thanks to organisations like ADCO, that vision comes ever closer to being a reality.