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A bite-sized gathering with Friends of the Foundation

The Property Industry Foundation hosted a Board of Advisors’ lunch at the Establishment in Sydney. It was an opportunity to sit down with the many friends of the Foundation both new and old and have an open discussion on why there is a need for institutions like the Property Industry Foundation for our homeless youth.

The lunch featured a live panel discussion between Property Industry Foundation CEO, Kate Mills, Kari Foundation CEO, Casey Ralph and The NSW Advocate for Children and Young People Zoe Robertson.

Kate Mills- PIF
Lunch talk

“It’s not enough to build a home and put 5 or 6 young people in it,

You’ve got to make sure you’ve got care wrapped around them so that they can successfully transition and get those living skills.”

Kate Mills, CEO Property Industry Foundation

“The biggest reason that children and young people find themselves homeless is because of domestic and family violence,

that is not something they have caused but something they are a survivor of.”

Zoe Robinson, The NSW Advocate for Children and Young People
PIF- Talk

The panel explored the importance of PIF House Projects, the developmental impact on young people growing up in these homes and the circumstances that put our Australian young people into various forms of homelessness.

The floor was then opened to our various Board of Advisors to discuss the reasons and methods of support for the Property Industry Foundation.

Jamie Shelton (Northrop), Leah Boyd (CBRE), Richard Stacker (Charter Hall), Sara Hogan (MPA), Shane Hannah (Mirvac), Shaneel Deo (Milliken Ontera) and Stephanie Partridge (Goodman)

The lunch then was closed with words from the Property Industry Foundations’ new Chairmen Penny Ransom who closed the lunch with reflection on the impact of the industry and optimism where the Foundation will be going in the future.


All in all, the Foundation savours these opportunities to catch up with the generous and forward-thinking members of the property and construction industry. Creating connections and spreading awareness are pillars of the Foundations work, so taking the time to have lunch over some meaningful discussions created inspiration and drive for many in the room.