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BSE is the best

The Property Industry Foundation is no stranger to the charitable nature of BSE. The BSE staff can be found at Regattas, getting active for fitness challenges. Not to mention having charity champions like Godfrey Frederick coming on and being an active part in what makes the Property Industry Foundation’s events and community so special.

BSE is an active silver donor in NSW to help create funding for PIF House projects throughout the year. With all that BSE do with the Foundation, we were thrilled to receive the news that their silver donorship will be extending across NSW, QLD and VIC!

“BSE has partnered for many years with PIF in New South Wales, and their growth into Queensland and Victoria is testament to the important work they do, in practically addressing the challenges faced by homeless youth in our biggest cities. We are thrilled to grow our sponsorship with PIF into Brisbane and Melbourne to continue this work!”

Andrew Fraser, CEO Building Services Engineers


The Foundation values building relationships with great companies in the industry just as much as we value building homes for homeless youth, so we would like to thank BSE for being such an active role in helping us impact the lives of young people.