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How many ways can you take a challenge?

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge can be done in many different ways, by different individuals and teams. Here are just some examples from some of our challenge champions.

Vanessa Borg, MPA

At the moment, Vanessa is our number one individual fundraiser and is driving the MPA team. She is a premier fitness challenge champion. From her fundraising swear jar, getting swimming or singing over the music in her gym on her exercise bike, Vanessa is using her high energy to make a difference.

Vanessa’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 210km
  • Fundraising target: $10,000
  • Activities: Cycle, swim and run
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Anthony’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 300km
  • Fundraising target: $1,000
  • Activities: Walk
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Anthony Flynn, ADCO

Anthony is part of the strong ADCO unit that is currently chasing a repeat fundraising champion title for the challenge. Despite his profile picture looking slow and inactive, he has been anything but surpassing his fundraising target four times over and over 100kms walked.

Christine Obeid, Chalouhi

Christine is our Chalouhi fundraising champion, hitting the ground walking by not only hitting but exceeding her fundraising goals and using the combination of indoor and outdoor walking to get her distance up.

Christine’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 50km
  • Fundraising target: $5,000
  • Activities: Walk
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Team Taylor's triple attack - Jessica Evans, Ben Folkard and Tim Christie

The Taylor office are no slouches when it comes to rolling their sleeves and getting active for a good cause. Creating a great culture around giving back, the office naturally gets on board with team activities to help homeless youth.

Jess, Ben and Tim are walking through this month to keep proactive as a unit, and despite Jesses cries for help she is making great progress on her 250km goal!

Jessica’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 250km
  • Fundraising target: $1,000
  • Activities: Walk
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Ben’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 250km
  • Fundraising target: $3,000
  • Activities: Walk
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Tim’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 150km
  • Fundraising target: $2,500
  • Activities: Walk
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Richard Coskie, Make Architects

Richard is part of the Make Architects team who are using the challenge as something of a company virtual marathon/excursion. The team has calculated the distance between company offices from Adelaide, to Melbourne and through Sydney, and will be ride, walk, running and swimming the total distance as a team (2,598km to be exact!).

We hope the team hits their virtual target and doesn’t take this as an incentive to save money on travel between offices.

Richard’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 500km
  • Fundraising target: $500
  • Activities: Ride
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Geoffrey Atkinson, GPT

Geoffrey is indeed a man with a plan, keeping a strong cycle routine he is building strong kms and fundraising numbers by reminding consistent and dedicated to the cause (not to mention some great riding scenery along the way).

Geoffrey’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 100km
  • Fundraising target: $1,000
  • Activities: Ride
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Karis McKenna, Design & Build

Karis motivates herself to take action for those that can’t take action for themselves.

“Too often we turn a blind eye to the poverty going on around us and rely on others to do their part, so I’ve decided to do something about this and I have committed to walking/running/cycling 350km over 30 days alongside my Design & Build and Public Sector People colleagues.”

Karis and the Design & Build team got together to motivate each other and set the tone for team activities with an hour of yoga and meditation.

Karises challenge

  • Challenge target: 350km
  • Fundraising target: $500
  • Activities: Walk
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Karam Ashraff, GPT

Karam parallels his mental and physical journey along with the month of Ramadan, making his challenge all about mind, body and soul.

“During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dusk to dawn, with the aim of humbling ourselves through abstaining from food and drink. By doing this, we reflect on our privileges, internalise good character and utilise the overall experience to be beneficial to others.

I’m very proud to say that I will be fighting for change on all these fronts.”

Karam’s challenge

  • Challenge target: 300km
  • Fundraising target: $5,000
  • Activities: Walk
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These are just some of our special charity champions, not just because of their great performance, or team building, or even fundraising, they are champions because they understand that making a tangible change to youth homelessness starts with taking action no matter what shape or form.

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