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Caring at its core - The Core Team is ready for the 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Registrations for the Property Industry 30-Day Fitness Challenge are up and running (literally). As individuals and teams get ready for 30 days of riding, running and walking in the name of helping youth in need, we got in touch with one of the teams that are first out the gate in Core Projects to see why they are getting fit to fight youth homelessness.

Core Projects dollar matching for staff fundraising

Putting motivation and fundraising goals in the same basket.

The Core Team is putting their money where their run or ride is for the 30-Day Fitness Challenge with Core Projects matching all staff fundraising feats with $1 per every 1km run/walked and $1 per every 10km cycled!

This is a great way of thinking because it gives the office extra motivation to push that extra bit for their fitness goals whilst giving that extra bit towards fundraising targets.

How many people from the office are participating?

So far 15 employees with more to come!

The Core Project Team are not novices to team runs.

Is the office competitive?

Very. Name a sport.

Running, sailing, lawn games, pick the sport and the Core Project Team will battle it out for the glory and a good cause.

“10km coastal walk or 251km desert run, CORE Team pushes fitness challenges outside of the office as well.”

What inspired CORE to take part in the challenge?

Family values

Core Project’s Managing Director (and endurance running champion) Ian Prentice is motivated to get active by his young family and wanting all youth to have the same care and opportunity. This sentiment for valuing at-risk youth is echoed all through Core Projects, all you need to do is ask how important the cause is to them and they will not only tell you but show you picture by picture.

Get your team together and take the challenge

The Property Industry 30-Day Fitness Challenge is a great time to get back into shape after a long lockout and reconnect with your team and the outdoors. Core Project is just one of the amazing teams taking part in the challenge and it is clear that they welcome the competition.

If you think your team is up for getting fit to fight youth homelessness, sign up to and take the challenge today.