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Longstanding PIF supporters, Diadem will hurdle themselves into the Yarra at Moomba’s infamous Birdman Rally on 8 March

Melbourne’s Moomba Festival draws crowds of nearly 4 million people. Among the more popular events is the Birdman Rally, where entrants jump off a 4-metre-high platform strapped to a home-made flying contraption. Entrants go as far as they can before landing in the Yarra in order to raise money for the charity of their choice.

Last year Diadem launched itself into the air dressed as a house. This year, the plucky signage and wayfinding experts are keeping their flying machine under wraps until competition day – we can’t wait to see it

Along the way Diadem is raising funds for PIF – for which we are very grateful. It would be great if you could support them by donating via their GoFundraise page.