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Taking your unwanted furniture and turning it into a PIF home

PIF’s new Furniture Fund campaign got a boost from Built which was able to recycle 32 banks of double lockers and a locker room bench.
The Furniture Fund helps companies that are re-locating to find a sustainable way to dispose of unwanted furniture before they move to their new digs.
In this case, Built was conducting a small refurbishment project located at 104 Exhibition Street. Moving the furniture out required a tight turnaround and the PIF team was delighted to be able to assist.
Enter PIF’s Furniture Fund, where PIF arranges for unwanted furniture to be re-used, re-sold or recycled with the proceeds from any sale to be donated to PIF.
PIF works with Egans Office Removals on this initiative, and it’s Egans that comes in to look at the furniture and then moves it and makes sure it is put to good use.
Yvonne Chan, contract administrator at Built, told PIF:
“It was an easy and quick process. Andrew Egan and his team wer very responsive and professional throughout”.
As well as getting rid of the furniture, Built also donated the $750 from the sale to PIF.
We are really pleased that this partnership PIF can work with the property and construction industry to sustainably dispose of unwanted furniture and turn the proceeds into homes for homeless youth. What a win!

For further information on how PIF can help your organisation remove unwanted furniture for a good cause, please get in touch with Priscilla Heathwood at