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Recycle for Homeless Youth

Furniture Fund provides an easy way for organisations to recycle and reuse their unwanted office furniture, while also supporting homeless youth. We spoke to our Furniture Fund partner Andrew Egan, Managing Director of Egans, about the innovative program and how it’s been going over the past year in NSW and Victoria.

It’s been over 12 months since the Furniture Fund was started. How has it grown in that time?

We are excited about the interest that the Furniture Fund has generated in the property industry. There have been some very generous one-off donations of furniture, and we have seen a lot of fabulous collaborations that are generating great outcomes that will continue into the future. The Furniture Fund committee members have worked hard to understand the opportunity and to communicate that to the broader property industry.

Any projects or collaborations you would like to mention?

At the beginning of the project, Neva Courts at Altis Property made a very generous donation of chairs that raised a significant amount. I think this gave us all the confidence that we were on the right track.

We would also like to acknowledge the support that The GPT Group have shown through the work they have been doing with CBRE. Katherine Noden, GPT and Kim Malones’ team at CBRE have worked hard to ensure they maximise the value that’s generated for the Furniture Fund every time they have a floor to strip-out. We are excited about industry partnerships, like the GPT/CBRE partnership; they are driving sustainable and charitable outcomes across whole property portfolios.

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What do you want people to know about your organisation and partnership with Property Industry Foundation?


I think it’s important to understand the value that this project brings in developing sustainable and charitable outcomes to the property industry.  It allows for ongoing sustainable outcomes, with a significant financial outcome for Property Industry Foundation.

Egans and our Wise Office Furniture Program are pleased that we could help to develop this program and generate a successful charitable outcome for the Property Industry Foundation through the Furniture Fund. We look forward to continuing to spread the word and to create as much value as we can.

Keen to donate your unwanted office furniture and turn it into a donation for at-risk and marginalised homeless youth? Learn more about the Furniture Fund and how it works.

Contact Priscilla Heathwood on 0438 686 370 or email for more information about how you can get involved.
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