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PIF House Kingsford

New South Wales

Number of bedrooms
Building Partner
Wyatt Partners
Charity Partner

St Laurence House Youth Services

PIF built an extra two bedrooms and refurbished four more at PIF House Kingsford, so that St Laurence House Youth Services could take in more young homeless people and also so the live-in carer, who had been sleeping on the couch, could finally have their own room.
Wyatt Partners took the lead as the main builder alongside significant support from the industry. ANZ and ISPT both donated $50k each. A list of other key suppliers is below.

St Laurence House Youth Services has been providing medium-term accommodation and assisting young people in the house since 1984.
The home is the only site for the organisation which means it is an office space for 12 staff who work there at different times as well as accommodating young people. In addition to the two new bedrooms, the refurbishment will provide new office space, more storage space, a new staff bathroom, meeting and break out space.

Key Suppliers

On every PIF House the support we get from the industry is incredible. The below is not a full list, but notes some key suppliers and supporters on PIF House Kingsford.

  • AusReo
  • Bingo Industries
  • Chalouhi
  • Dulux
  • Fugen
  • Living Tiles
  • Modern Group
  • Milliken-Ontera
  • Palmers Glass
  • Parkview

“The little changes in young people say the most about their progress. And it’s this incremental development that PIF House Kingsford and the dedicated staff there make possible. When young people first arrive at the home they load up their plates every meal time with enough for a couple of meals.

They do it because they are used to not knowing when they will have their next good meal. But over time, they become comfortable to fill their plate with enough for each meal and that shows how comfortable and confident they are in the stability of this environment.

It’s this confidence that grows during the young people’s time at PIF House Kingsford that is essential to them moving forward to building independent lives.”

Nigel Parker, CEO – St Laurence House