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Housing with Dignity Project


Type of Service
Practical In-house Support
Charity Partner
BABI Youth & Family Services

Housing with Dignity is an ongoing project run by BABI Youth & Family Services which provides practical support for young people as they move into secure accommodation. This covers basic needs, such as emergency food relief, go-cards for public transport, phones/phone credit and identification as well as a case plan towards increasing independence, including developing living skills, improving health and wellbeing, community connectedness, employment and educational outcomes. In addition, most young people enter independent living with little or no income and this project helps make a house a home by providing white goods, bedding, furniture, kitchen and other household items, it allows young people to more smoothly transition from their precarious living arrangements in to an environment that promotes a sense of homeliness and safety.

Housing With Dignity Key Goals

  • Meets immediate basic needs of young people and young families
  • Assists in making the transition into secure accommodation as smooth as possible
  • Increases health and wellbeing
  • Provides a space more conducive to maintaining education and employment
  • Promotes a sense of ownership, belonging and security
  • Increases the sustainability of tenancies
  • Decreases level of engagement in emergency services, youth justice, child safety.
  • Increases level of independence, safety and positive housing outcomes

As part of BABI’s Housing with Dignity Project, young people and families develop a plan for independent living and more permanent housing. “Once housed, young people and young families with the support of their Housing Case worker, develop a case plan towards increasing their level of independence,” says Allan Mitchell, Housing Manager.

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