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A warm welcome to Kirsty Rourke – a new member of the Board of Advisors in Queensland.

With over 15 years of experience in the property industry, most recently as the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Brisbane Investment Corporation (CBIC), and a background in law, Kirsty Rourke is an ideal addition to our Board of Advisors in Queensland. We talked to Kirsty about her decision to volunteer for the Foundation.

Why did you want to join the Board of Advisors in QLD?

Every Queenslander deserves a safe place to call home. For our young people especially, stable housing is the platform for better health, education and economic outcomes. I joined the Board of Advisors in Queensland to support the Foundation’s work in raising funds and awareness for this important cause through effective governance, advocacy and strategic partnerships. My goal is to enhance the Foundation’s outreach, develop innovative fundraising strategies, and build stronger industry partnerships. I’ll be working hard to help grow the Foundation and the support it provides to homeless and vulnerable youth in our community.

What have been your previous interactions with the Foundation?

I was first introduced to the Property Industry Foundation by a friend at Building-Performance. He convinced me to sign up for the 100km Tour de PIF, despite having never ridden that far (or up a mountain) in my life! It was six and a half hours of agony, but a fantastic introduction to the world of fundraising and still a proud achievement of mine. Since then, I’ve also attended and supported other events, including the Charity Regatta and Fundraising Dinner. I just love the work that the Foundation does.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to support the Foundation’s work and eager to collaborate with the amazing people who make it happen. I look forward to contributing to the Foundation’s mission and making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable youth.”

Kirsty Rourke


What do you think is so important about the work the Foundation does to support and house homeless and vulnerable young people?

One organisation or charity alone can’t solve the problem, but the Foundation, working in partnership with the property and construction industry, can be a part of the solution.

I also have a strong passion for the importance of education in transforming people’s lives, especially for young people. But of course, to study you first need a safe and secure place to live.

What do you think is so important about the work the Foundation does?

I’ve seen first-hand the impact of the Foundation’s initiatives in tackling homelessness and supporting vulnerable youth. Creating safe, supportive environments for young people is not just about addressing immediate needs; it’s about breaking the cycle of homelessness and enabling them to have a brighter, more stable future. I love how the Foundation mobilises the skills and expertise from within our industry to make a difference in our community. The Foundation’s work is funded entirely through private donations, without government support, which I think is an incredible achievement.

What are some of your favourite events and fundraisers and what do you hope to join in 2024?

My favourite event is the Fundraising Dinner. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with friends in the industry, raise much needed funds and be reminded of the impact the Foundation has in supporting homeless youth. I’m looking forward to joining this again in 2024.

You’ve had an incredible career in law and business – most recently as CEO of the City of Brisbane Investment Corporation. How will those skills and experience assist the Board in decision making and planning?

The most effective boards draw upon a diversity of experience and skillsets to see a fuller picture when making planning and making decisions.  We’re fortunate in Queensland to have directors on the BOA of an incredibly high calibre. Where I can add value is by offering a fresh perspective, shaped by my experience in law, real estate, and on the Board of a community housing provider for almost a decade. I’m passionate about applying financial acumen, robust governance and strategic vision to bring the best out a team and to see our vision brought to life.

Do you have any personal connection to homelessness?

I first started volunteering for the Homeless Persons Legal Clinic at the Brisbane Youth Service in 2008. The resilience of the young people I met had a profound impact on me, and I’ve continued to volunteer in the sector for over 15 years.

What are your passions outside work?

I love getting outside with friends and family, whether that’s a hike or swim or an al fresco lunch! I was lucky enough to join a swimming tour on holidays last year – I certainly didn’t set any records but it was a beautiful way to see a new place. I’ve found that having different hobbies and trying new things helps me in bringing new perspectives to a board.