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At the Property Industry Foundation, we are looking over the crest of this year to the fresh waters of 2021, where the PIF Charity Regatta will take place on 19 March 2021 at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. Launching the PIF Charity Regatta from this sophisticated and prestigious Club will take the Regatta to the next level.

We will have made it through a dark and stormy season, to arrive on the crystal blue waters of Sydney Harbour, skimming like a stone across the sea and thankful that we live in this beautiful country. 

Planning events in the current environment requires flexibility, so bear with us as we plan this event to get you are back on the water at the PIF Charity Regatta in 2021. 

What to expect at the event: 

  • We can get on the water. The CYCA has been running races since October, when sailing was classified as a community sporting event and was able to recommence. Launching the PIF Charity Regatta from this sophisticated and prestigious Club will take the Regatta to the next level. 
  • You can take clients, colleagues and staff out on the water provided you observe social distancing. On a 50-foot yacht this means there will be enough room for at least ten of your clients, colleagues or staff. Similar restrictions will be in place for spectator boats. 
  • Current restrictions limit us to a smaller event onshore. We are planning to make this an exclusive sitdown lunchHowever, as and when restrictions ease, so will our planning around expanding a pre- or post-race event. 
  • It will be a limited numbers event. There will be a maximum of 40 yachts, and we are giving the first opportunity to reserve a space to donors who want to enter the race. We expect there will be room for spectator boats at a later date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning events in the current environment requires flexibility, so please bear with us as we plan this event to get you back on the water at the PIF Charity Regatta in 2021. 

Are there any sailing restrictions?

Current restrictions allow for you to get on the water with clients and colleagues. Sailing is considered a community sporting activity and current restrictions allow for up to 500 participants at a community sporting event, with the 4-sqm rule applying currently to indoor events. 

Is the venue COVID-19 safe?

The CYCA is currently hosting races and has a COVIDSafe Plan in place for sailing and all events. On the yachts, participants will have to adhere to the 1.5m rule and we will be ensuring that you have the correct numbers on your yacht to stay within this rule.

How many people can attend?

We will host an exclusive event at the prestigious CYCA either pre- or post-raceWe are not currently planning for this event to have more than 400 in attendance at a pre- or post-race event. However, should restrictions dramatically ease, we will revisit this decision. 

Will there be any activities on land?

Existing restrictions only allow for seated events with the 4-sqm rule maximum capacity in force, and if that’s the case we will look at doing a sitdown lunch prior to the race. 

If restrictions ease before March we will look at doing a stand-up cocktail/buffet event after the race which will allow for more networking. 

How many yachts can participate?

Currently we expect to have a limit of 40 racing yachts participating. This is in line with the capacity of 400 people at the CYCA, and also in line with current government restrictions on community sporting events. 

When will official registrations open?

Donors will have an exclusive period up until 30 November to commit to taking a yachtAs this is a limited numbers event, we will require a deposit of $500 to confirm participation. From 1 December 2020, we will open registrations to non-donors to book a yacht for the Regatta. 

This fee will be refundable up until 31 January 2021 should government restrictions change, and we are no longer able to hold the Regatta.  

On 31 January 2021 (6 weeks prior to the event) full payment for a yacht in the Regatta will be required along with payment for attendees to the pre- or post-race event. 

After this date, our normal cancellation terms will apply. If the event is cancelled for any reason after this date, entry and participant fees are non-refundable and will be used to cover operational costs incurred as well as contribute to the charitable aims of the Foundation. 

What if I need help sourcing a yacht?

If you need help to source a yacht, we can help you do this to suit the number of people you wish to invite or speed/comfort around the course. 

Priority will go to donors that want to enter the race, followed by donors that want to take spectator boats. Because of limited numbers at the CYCA, we may ask large spectator boats to board passengers from a location other than the CYCA and those boats may not be able to return to the CYCA. (Please note that catamarans cannot enter the race). 

How much will it cost to enter?

We will be keeping costs similar to previous years. It is $2500 (inclusive of GST) for donors and $2700 (inclusive of GST) for non-donors. The price for the after event function will also be similar to previous years, around $300 for a ticket. However, as the format may change we may have to revisit that price. We will keep you updated.