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Our new Co-Chairs of the Victorian Future Leaders Committee are Andrew Borley from Mirvac and Vanessa Borg from MPA.

Andrew has been instrumental in the introduction and development of the Property Industry’s Furniture Fund and Vanessa is one our strongest fundraisers, raising over 15k alone in this year’s 30Day Fitness Challenge

Together Vanessa and Andrew are leading committee of nearly 20 to create opportunities for community involvement and social responsibility for the property and construction young industry leaders  

Who are these chairpeople?

Vanessa Borg, Project Manager, MPA 

Vanessa is a driven project leader with a strong focus on managing medium to large scale projects and streams. She has been with MPA for over 2 years and has been volunteering to help people in need by working with many charities over the years.  

Vanessa focuses on enabling the best out of her teams in ensuring all projects are met in accordance with clients requirements.   

Vanessa Borg- headshot
Andrew-Borley headshot

Andrew Borley, Asset Manager, Mirvac 

Andrew has 8 years’ experience in Commercial Property and Asset Management, and he prides himself on his ability to provide the highest level of customer service to clients and stakeholders. 

His experience comprises the management of property and facilities teams to deliver the best quality experience to customers while driving property and portfolio value in a sustainable manner. 

Both Vanessa and Andrew understand that homelessness is one of the most severe forms of disadvantage and social exclusion that any young person can experience and how we, as an industry can make a difference:  

“Youth homelessness is not just about what you see on the surface, understanding that it occurs in various settings.

“That the Foundation really builds homes and do such amazing things for our youths. They create a safe place for them, we are very excited to see the Clayton house in October,” says Vanessa.

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Andrew agrees, “Homelessness is not just the people you see sleeping on the street. There are many more who are still homeless but are in temporary or unstable situations that are impacted by the effects of homelessness. A little help can make a huge difference to these people.

“The Property Industry Foundation help people at a critical point in their life. Providing stable accommodation to a young person who has no other place to go can be the difference between them have a successful future or continuing to be locked into the challenges of homelessness. The Foundation is making a real impact, and companies within the property industry are keen to help.”

Vanessa explains why she got involved, “I believe like everyone the future of our kids is important. For the last five years I have volunteered at a soup kitchen in Melbourne and have gotten to know a lot about the youths who are less fortunate and their stories. When COVID hit it became difficult to assist and donate my time. 

vanessa borg

 MPA supports the Property Industry Foundation regularly, and I joined the 30-Day Fitness Challenge in May 2020 and the journey since then has been amazing. I have been able to help raise over $20,000 alone over the past two years and the fact that you can see where your donation/s are being utilised is such a great feeling and achievement.”

Andrew has been involved with the Foundation for three yearsMost recently he worked with the Foundation to establish the Furniture Fund with an inaugural donation of furniture from Mirvac.  

Like Vanessa, Andrew outlines his involvement, he says, “I have been a committee member on various Property Industry Foundation events including Sailing Regatta, SleepOut, Golf days and generally lending a hand where required to organise events and generate donation revenue.

“Given my career and experience within the industry, it makes sense to integrate my network and skills to the Property Industry Foundation to have maximum benefit to the charity. And it’s fun! The events are a great way to meet people and create contacts within the industry.”

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We welcome, both Andrew and Vanessa and we look forward working with you! 

“Just by attending, volunteering or donating to Property Industry Foundation events, you can open yourself up to a huge network of industry connections. From CEOs to Graduates, there are opportunities to expand your network, develop business relationships or promote your organisation. So, by giving to Property Industry Foundation, the Foundation will give back to you.”   Andrew