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Helping homeless youth and the environment

M3 Property is a property valuation company within the industry that is taking action in supporting homeless youth. The angle M3 Property has taken to show support is a two birds one stone approach that benefits homeless youth and the environment at the same time. M3 Property is donating funds normally allocated towards print marketing materials towards the PIF House Program that supports homeless youth by building projects in NSW, VIC and QLD.

The company is taking immediate action with this initiative as the major sponsor of last month’s API/FINSIA Economic Indicators event, forgoing the supply of print materials for the day in exchange for displaying our cause to the many attendees for the event that occurred on 12 February.

Taking a company initiative to support young Australians by putting it front and centre is a fantastic bold approach to making your company beliefs heard as any show of support can go a long way in impacting the future and confidence of a young person needing a second chance.

Thank you to M3 Property for being great outside the box supporters!

m3 property donation poster