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Mac Egan has set himself the challenge of running the full Melbourne Marathon on 15 October, raising funds for the Property Industry Foundation

“No one deserves less of an opportunity at life than another due to circumstances out of their control and the Foundation is doing great things to help less fortunate kids get their lives on track as they deserve.”

Mac Egan, Egans

Aiming his sights high, Mac Egan will line up with industry mates Finn and Elliot to run 42.1km in the iconic Melbourne Marathon, raising funds for homeless youth. “We always thought it would be good to raise some money through our training and ultimately the run,” says Mac. “Elliot is employed at Pitcher Partners and Finn and I work for Egans, both sponsors of the Foundation. So, it seemed fitting that we combine forces to raise money for a great cause supporting local Aussie youngsters in need!”

The trio is hoping to complete the marathon in under three hours. It’ll be the first marathon for Mac and Finn, with Elliot having completed his first last year. In May, the group tested themselves with the Geelong half marathon, comfortably running the race in under 90 minutes. “We’re all following a daily running program which has us completing between 50 and 85kms per week for 16 weeks. Overall, the training is going well! Finding the time to do each session every day is probably the hardest part!”

They also have a winning strategy for fundraising. “We are hoping to raise $1 each for every kilometre of training,” says Mac. “We expect to run about 1000km each over the coming months leading up to the run.”

Mac and his mates know any money they raise will make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable young people. “We know firsthand that the money raised will make a significant, tangible difference to the lives of children and young adults who live in similar Aussie cities, on similar streets, in less fortunate situations,” says Mac. “The fact that we are making a difference to local Australian communities is really important to us. Some of the houses built by the Foundation are within running distance of our own homes, which is fitting considering the task at hand. The confidence that the money we raise is potentially making a difference to children in our immediate local community is ultimately what sets the Property Industry Foundation apart as a charity and particularly for our group of mates.”

Good luck Mac, Finn and Elliot!

Finn (left) Mac (mid) Elliot (right) celebrate their half marathon run in Geelong.