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Joining our Future Leaders Committee eager to create tangible change, Bluebird Property Development Manager Kate Cornwell brings with her more than a decade of experience in the property industry.

As a recipient of the UDIA Future Leader Award and participant in this year’s PCA 500 Women in Property program, Kate lends her expertise and passion to support The Foundation on its mission to provide safe and secure homes for young Australia’s.

“I had been hoping to be part of a committee which gives back to the community, and I felt that PIFs Future Leaders Committee was the perfect fit for me in this regard.

“I am fortunate that I get to contribute towards making Brisbane and its surroundings a bigger and better place to live, work and play, but I believe it’s important to also be enhancing the lives of those less fortunate. Joining PIFs Future Leaders Committee empowers me to help create a brighter future for young homeless people.”

Kate and the team at Bluebird are ongoing supporters and advocates for The Foundation, participating in events like our most recent 30-Day Fitness Challenge – driving awareness, raising money, and clocking km’s.

“The Bluebird team completed a planking challenge for the month, aiming to work towards doubling our starting plank times – which was harder than we thought! It was a great way to challenge ourselves individually and as a team, and at the same time spread awareness and give back to young Australians in need. We are also looking forward to getting involved in the PIF SleepOut in September!

“It’s a valuable partnership between The Foundation and the property community when it comes to both fundraising and housing projects. Our industry is connected to suppliers, contractors, consultants, and knowledge that can positively contribute to furthering The Foundations goals. For instance, I was lucky enough to be invited to observe a boardroom meeting where some highly influential people were discussing how to work with government to ideally end youth homelessness by using their property industry networks, knowledge and skills.

“PIF exists to solve an issue which sees thousands of children and young Australians each night without a safe place to sleep and I’m exceptionally proud to be a part of the practical work they do. Collectively, we care about our greater community and actively advocate for change.”