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Milliken-Ontera making a modular difference

Milliken-Ontera is committed to making a positive impact on the world, and one way they do this is by being an advocate for The Property Industry Foundation. The Milliken-Ontera team have partnered with the Foundation for a few years now and have actively participated in numerous initiatives. You can find them leading the charge at Tour de PIF, hosting engaging wine tastings with our industry partners, and speaking at our board lunch most recently. Milliken-Ontera has been supporting us through one of their more innovative fundraising strategies known as the Product Pathway Initiative.

PIF meal
Corporate lunch

Through the Product Pathway initiative, a percentage of all carpet sales goes towards PIF House Projects, this means that their business and products can always play a part in laying the groundwork for building homes for homeless youth.

“We are proud of our partnership with The Property Industry Foundation and the fantastic work they do. The Product Pathway has been a great success and it was only fitting for Milliken-Ontera to expand it as we entered the Hospitality segment. This will add to providing a regular fundraising stream to tackle the important issue of youth homelessness,”

Shaneel Deo, Managing Director, Milliken-Ontera

The launch of their Modular Landscapes, a new generation of modular products, clients have the opportunity to make an aesthetic statement to their flooring including all the design “must-haves”, bringing in local customisation for dynamic styles, speed, integrated cushion, ease of maintenance, material efficiency and sustainability. Keeping sustainability in mind all Milliken-Ontera products are PVC free, Declare Red List Free, Cradle to Cradle (Silver) and certified under the Carpet Institute of Australia Environmental Certification Scheme, achieving Level A recognition for Green Star in Australia and New Zealand.

Modular Landscapes create visually appealing and flexible floor spaces where industries like hospitality can have high-quality designer carpets that are durable and easy to maintain. Seven hospitality collections are now available and have become part of the Product Pathway Initiative, adding to the opportunities to contribute to providing safe spaces for young people for years to come, so your carpet purchases with Milliken-Ontera will help provide a foundation for someone in need.

“We value the creative ways Milliken-Ontera support us as they help set a foundation for floor design and homeless youth. They are actively demonstrating their commitment to innovation as well as economic, social, and environmental change in Australia,”

Kate Mills, CEO, The Property Industry Foundation.