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We’re thrilled to welcome ISPT’s Nicole Ward to the Property Industry Foundation’s Board of Advisors. Having worked in the property industry for over 20 years, Nicole brings a wealth of experience to the board.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m currently working at ISPT as General Manager, Office. My team is national and are responsible for the Office portfolio. I’m Melbourne born and bred and love this city, but in my new national role, I’m starting to get more familiar with other office markets – even though Melbourne remains my favourite! Outside of work I’m a mum to Tessa, 12 and Lewis, 7 – both lots of fun and they keep me busy!  Between sports and school activities – my weekends seem to be spent driving them around – but I love it and will enjoy it for as long as they need me.

What inspired you to join the board for the Property Industry Foundation?

I have supported the Property Industry Foundation for decades, but always on the periphery…attending events, and volunteering opportunities. So, when the conversation started around joining the board, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get more involved and be a more vocal supporter of everything the Property Industry Foundation does.

What do you hope to bring to your role on the board?

Hopefully, I can help extend the reach of the Property Industry Foundation to an even wider network of property professionals who can support the foundation.  I’d like to bring new ideas as to how the Property Industry Foundation can expand what it does and increase its fundraising ability. The Property Industry Foundation is so well known and hosts some standout annual events – who hasn’t been to the sailing Regatta at some stage in their professional life? – so this is no easy feat, but hopefully it’s something I can bring to the role.

How would you like to represent ISPT?

I’m following in the footsteps of Daryl Browning, who has been a very active Property Industry Foundation supporter and advocate over many, many years – so the pressure is on! I’d like to ensure the strong relationship which already exists between ISPT and Property Industry Foundation continues, and can extend into further fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

What have been your involvements with us in the past?

I have attended a number of sailing regattas – always a fun day, even when you’re dicing with the Melbourne weather. I’ve also been involved with Christmas gift wrapping and toiletries drive.

Tell us about the recent 200K donation made by ISPT?

I was honoured to hand over a cheque, on behalf of ISPT, to the Property Industry Foundation for $200K, following a sustainability initiative at 500 Bourke Street whereby ISPT partnered with Sustainable Office Solutions to recycle all of the useable second-hand furniture that was left behind when the sole tenant vacated the building. This $200K will be put toward building the latest home for homeless youth in Shepparton – an absolutely amazing project which the Property Industry Foundation will deliver in 2023. This is a life changing project, and one which will provide six further bedrooms for those youths who need a safe roof over their heads. To date, Property Industry Foundation has delivered over 100 bedrooms with a further 32 in the pipeline – when I think about the impact this has on a young person’s life it’s quite overwhelming.