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Engineering Consultancy Northrop has signed on as a silver donor in Victoria. “The Property Industry Foundation is not only such a good cause, it’s a brilliant charity that plays to the strengths of the property industry,” says Jamie Shelton, Northrop Principal, senior engineer. “Northrop has been involved with the Foundation for many years. When I moved to Melbourne earlier this year, I wanted to strengthen our contribution in Victoria.”

“It’s impressive what the Property Industry Foundation achieves through the broad contributions of the many businesses involved in this industry.”

Jamie Shelton, Northrop

As well as being a valued member of the Haven House committee in Sydney, Jamie and Northrop have been involved in many Property Industry Foundation projects and events over the years. “Myself and others in Northrop have provided and continue to provide pro-bono engineering consultancy services on several Sydney projects.”

Northrop has been a sponsor and participant in Tour de PIF cycling events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and are once again riding in all three events this year. “I’ve ridden in six Tour de PIF charity rides across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane,” says Jamie. “We’re also fans of the regatta, and The Property Industry Foundation’s evening networking events are some of the best in the industry.”

Northrop believes in the Foundation’s drive to build safe and secure homes to support homeless youth. “The teenage and young adult years are such important formative years in the development of young people,” says Jamie. “Providing safe and secure homes is a cornerstone to building personal wellness, self-esteem, and a connection to community.”

The Foundation welcomes Northrop’s contribution and specialist skills. “Northrop is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with skills and experience across all aspects of buildings and land development,” says Jamie. “In Victoria, our strengths are Structures, Sustainability and Civil and we’re looking to be involved through pro-bono contributions to Property Industry Foundation projects. We have a keen interest in upgrading and re-using existing buildings and see opportunities here for Haven Projects.”