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Building imagination into reality

The teams from The Property Industry Foundation and Frasers Property Australia took a tour of the site earlier this month to see the next step in the construction of PIF House Clayton.

People at building site

With hard hats and soft hearts, the team took the tour of what is slowly turning into a 6-bedroom home which in conjunction with the Lighthouse Foundation, will provide a refuge for Lighthouse kids from newborns all the way to 25-year-olds.

The team visiting on the day,

  • Wendy Brakey, Property Industry Foundation
  • Alex Newell, Frasers Property Australia
  • Sarah Bloom, Frasers Property Australia
  • Rebecca Matthews, Frasers Property Australia
  • Simon Benjamin, Lighthouse Foundation
  • Terri Barton, Lighthouse Foundation

Having the ability to see wood and bricks evolve into a space that will become a source of comfort and development for youth in need is what drives the Foundation and its industry supports to continue spreading our cause in fundraisers, events and industry connections year-round.

We can’t wait to provide updates as this project develops.