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We spoke to the team from Saunders Havill Group (SHG) about their decision to join the Property Industry Foundation as a platinum donor in Queensland.

Why did Saunders Havill want to partner with the Property Industry Foundation?

Saunders Havill Group (SHG) continually look for opportunities to give back to the community. The Property Industry Foundation stood out to us as a great non-for-profit organisation to support because of what it does for at-risk and homeless youth. As SHG are part of the property industry, we have a lot to offer the Foundation with our range of specialist knowledge but also in having a genuine passion for creating homes and wider communities where people can feel safe. SHG have developed a keen interest in the affordable housing sector – having worked for one of Queensland’s leading not-for-profit CHPs for over a decade. SHG are eager to continue the endeavour towards ending homelessness – becoming a platinum donor in QLD is where we best see starting this journey with the Foundation.

What’s important to Saunders Havill about supporting youth homelessness?

We have previously provided sponsorship and participated in other charitable projects in the youth homelessness space. This includes the Corporate ‘Furnishing Young Futures’ Day held by one of our clients, Brisbane Housing Company, who partnered with Brisbane Youth Service on their Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba development. SHG provided our services for the Woolloongabba development as the Town Planning lead on this project. Being in a position where we can help homeless youth provides a large sense of drive to support those in need. Having a safe and secure home is something that many of us take for granted. It is of the highest importance and can play a fundamental part in providing the opportunity to change people’s wellbeing and trajectories for the better.

We loved seeing Saunders Havill at Pedal for PIF in Brisbane last week!

We were excited to be a part of Pedal for PIF! We would also love to be a part of the Hard Hat fundraiser next year, and the Regatta Day and SleepOut events.

What special skills can Saunders Havill extend to the Foundation through an ongoing partnership?

SHG is made up of a multidisciplinary group of people. Professionally, we have significant knowledge and skills across the property industry. This ranges from expertise in town planning applications and legislative processes, landscape design and implementation, urban design and mapping identifying land suitability, surveying, and environmental assessment.