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SHAPE Australia are ho-ho-hosting a fun online bingo game for their employees, with all funds raised going towards building projects for homeless youth. We caught up with Kate Evans, Group Executive – People, Brand & Communications who tells us why they wanted to get behind the Foundation this holiday season.

What is SHAPE Bingo and how does it work? It is a fun online bingo game hosted by our CEO or Group Executives and accessible to all employees nationally. Players make a donation on our fundraising page, which determines the number of bingo cards they are eligible for (1 for $25, 2 for $50 or 4 for $100), with all proceeds going directly to PIF. It works the same as a regular game of bingo. Players are emailed their digital bingo cards. Our game show hosts call the numbers, then first to mark off all the numbers and call ‘BINGO’, wins! It’s that simple.

Any goals for the fundraising and your staff participation? We have set our fundraising target at $4,000 and, in the past, have awarded prizes for our online bingo, such as winning a week’s annual leave or cash prizes, which always attracts that fun, competitive spirit.

Why did SHAPE choose the Property Industry Foundation to support? SHAPE has supported the Foundation for many years as one of our major CSR partners because we genuinely believe in their incredible work in building homes for homeless youth. Whether this is raising much-needed funds through various charity events such as PIF Regatta, SleepOut, and Hard Hat Campaign or providing pro-bono refurbishment work, we can see their impact in the community all around Australia. As a national fitout and Construction Services business, we are committed to utilising our capabilities in doing our part to give back.

Why do you feel it’s important to support homeless youth this holiday season? We believe it is important all the time, not just at the holidays. If knowing that 44,000 young Australians are without a safe place to sleep every night isn’t enough to make us do something, we don’t know what is. We know that every dollar we raise any time of year makes a huge difference in helping to build secure homes and giving young individuals the right opportunities to get their lives back on track. That’s what we can be a part of.

Happy holidays, SHAPE Australia!

Give a gift

this holiday season

There are many great and exciting ways to give to homeless youth these holidays. Whether it’s a simple holiday donation or a holiday fundraising activity with your colleagues. All donations received towards the Foundation’s holiday appeal help create greater resources and opportunities to build more bedrooms for homeless youth in 2024.

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