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Stronger together

The best thing about being in a team for your challenge is the camaraderie that can push you a little bit further. There is no better feeling than breaking through barriers and seeing the knock-on effect this has on others. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge, like every event with the Property Industry Foundation, is all about coming together to support homeless youth and this is a great way to team up for a common cause that will change young lives. There are around 400 people split across nearly 70 teams who are already getting their minds and bodies fit for homeless youth. Join them and take up the challenge.

The perks of a team 30-Day Fitness Challenge:

group shots active people
  • Work with your friends and colleagues on physical and mental health, together
  • Create motivation for everyone on the team to push themselves
  • Get a healthy competition going within the team and with other teams
  • Spark interest in new activities and hobbies
  • Change the lives of at-risk youth who need a home

This is how we built a team at the Foundation

  • Get someone senior to sign up. Tell your CEO to get their running shoes on to make sure that it is led from the top.
  • Send round an email to everyone in your company to let them know you are doing it. You might think that everyone knows about it, but not everyone will be across it.
  • Do an information session at a team meeting.
  • Shout to the rooftops about the mental and physical health benefits of exercising together.

Can you take on last year's top team?

ADCO celebrating

Last year, ADCO took the top spot for teams, placing 1st in fundraising ($60,124), 2nd in distance (12,495km) and having staff members position 2nd and 4th within top individual fundraisers. The ADCO team got active in more ways than one to motivate and push themselves and those in the industry last year and they plan to do more in May. The team is coming into this year’s challenge strong, already holding a position within the top 5 fundraising teams after only a week.

We want you all to stand tall as an industry on day 30, and see what we have accomplished together. A team 30-Day Fitness Challenge will motivate you to take that extra step, or rep and raise that little bit more. Added it all up, and in the end, it will result in a team to celebrate.