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Tactical Group are getting their sleeping bags ready for the Sydney SleepOut, being held on 16 November at Centennial Parklands.

“Many of us take for granted we have been lucky enough to grow-up with a roof over our head and a support network of friends and family. We recognise this and want to work with organisations like the Property Industry Foundation, which contribute to making a difference to those that need this support.”

Steve Ryan, Tactical Group

The Property Industry Foundation’s Sydney SleepOut is just around the corner and Tactical Group are one of the event’s leading fundraisers. Managing Director Steve Ryan says the event is a fantastic way for his team to hit their monthly social and charitable targets and show support for young people in need. “The SleepOut initiative is not only an opportunity to raise money and awareness for such an important cause but is also a reminder of how critical it is to provide support for those less fortunate than us in the community,” says Steve.

The Tactical team hope that by spending a night outdoors they will gain perspective and discover more about the struggles faced by homeless young Australians. “Participating in impactful causes like the Sydney SleepOut aligns firmly with our team culture and business values and contributing sits firmly in the hearts of everyone at Tactical,” says Steve. “It makes us grounded and more self-aware, particularly in the lead up to the holiday season when most of us enjoy privileges we can easily take for granted. We also appreciate the opportunity to encourage and collaborate with our industry peers in an effort to further raise awareness and support for the fantastic work that the Property Industry Foundation does.”

80 industry trailblazers will come together at the SleepOut to connect, participate in activities, share a meal, and learn more about the complex reasons for youth homelessness and how we can all contribute to solutions. “Whilst one night in the cold pales in comparison to what many in our communities endure on a daily basis, having first-hand exposure is important to try and get a real understanding of the issues so we can find better ways to solve the underlying problems,” says Steve. “We hope to learn more about how we can continue to contribute and make a difference to such a great challenge in our communities.”

With Tactical Group sitting second behind Team Taylor on the Leaderboard with nearly $3,000 raised, their strategy has been to inform their community about the importance of the cause. “Ensuring homeless youth have appropriate and reliable shelter is the first step in solving the homeless crisis. It is fundamental that young people are bought up in an environment where they know they are safe, secure and supported,” says Steve. “Our fundraising approach has been simple. It’s about communicating what the Sydney SleepOut is all about and the importance of it to us and the difference it makes to our wider community. We see this as an opportunity to touch base with our collective communities and provide awareness of a great cause. The rest speaks for itself.”

Join Tactical Group and many other industry leaders at the Sydney SleepOut on Thursday 16 November. Expect a fun, enlightening evening while you stargaze and reflect on the importance of having a roof over your head.