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An Architectus auction off fundraiser

Talk about a creative team and fundraising event! Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Archi-Auction showcasing the creative talents of the Architectus’ team’s very own art collection. Raising over $7,500, the team auctioned off jewellery, prints, textiles and art, making an incredible contribution towards our housing projects in 2023.

A big thank you to the Reach Team who organised the event, to all bidders and to the talented auctioneers Lauren Rutstein and Donal Merrigan who brought a professional and fun energy fitting of seasoned real estate agents to the room.

The company was great, and the artwork was inspiring! Thank you to Architectus for making our cause part of your annual giving calendar! We can’t wait for next year!

“PIF will always be a charity close to our hearts and I hope that we can collaborate in many more events in the future.”

Joanna Ahtypis, Senior Interior Designer Architectus

“It was so lovely to come in last night and be part of your auction. We love the support you show us and we also love when people do fundraising in a way that suits them and their culture – and last night that was what was on display, as well as the fantastic art! The auctioneers did a great job and I could see it was a good way of connecting the team. We are looking forward to working with you next year and I hope everyone has a great break over the holiday period.”

Kate Mills, CEO Property Industry Foundation

Thank you to Architectus for making our cause part of your workplace gathering!