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The Property Industry Foundation is supporting a project for Act for Kids that will turn an unused veterinary clinic into consulting rooms for youth at risk in the area. The project, called Project Peppercorn, will enable Act for Kids to provide on-the-ground services in the Moreton Bay area. It will see the Caboolture Sports Club granting a peppercorn lease on a property in Moreton Bay to Act for Kids. The Foundation, Auto & General Insurance and Liebke Builders will work together to make it fit for purpose.

“The property is a former veterinary clinic that has been empty for some time,” says Terry Gibbs, business operation manager for Act for Kids.

“It has not seen a lot of love in recent years and needs a significant amount of work to be ready for us to work with young people in the community. That work is not only cosmetic but requires a significant floorplan redesign.”

To assist Act for Kids, the Foundation has assembled a crack team of pro bono consultants to prepare plans and get the DA lodged.

Nick Prestwood from JLL has led the way as the project manager but he has been ably supported by the teams and individuals below.

  • Architectural works, completed by Karl Eckermann, Hugh Nagle & Casey Doyle of Architectus
  • Town Planning works, completed by Chris Harris & Ben Weaver from Ethos Urban
  • Point Cloud scanning works, by Jason Grandin & John Howie from Arcadis
  • Certifying works, by Ashley Trost & Olivia Suridge from Formiga1
  • Services Engineering, by Mathew Burke, Bruce Skipp, and Ralph Harrison from ADP Consulting
  • Surveying, by Craig Wood from Bennett & Bennett
  • Structural consulting, by Scott Clements from Inertia Consulting
  • Quantity Surveying work by Matthew Mackey and Neil Gall from Arcadis

The Development Application has now been submitted to the Moreton Bay Regional Council. The project known as Project Peppercorn relates to The Caboolture Sports Club granting a peppercorn lease on their property at 12 Station Road Morayfield, allowing Act for Kids to have a youth services location on the north-side of Brisbane in an area of great need.

Act for Kids praised The Foundation for giving the project the legs it needs to get off the ground.

“The Property Industry Foundation has assembled an amazing team of professionals to assist with the project, beginning with the completion of the work required to submit the DA to Moreton Bay Regional Council to facilitate the approval of the Material Change Of Use and allow us to use the premises to fulfil our purpose,” says Gibbs.

“We would not be able to expand our footprint and support vulnerable children in the Morayfield region without The Foundation’s continuous generosity and support.”