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Vaughan Constructions come on as a National Donor for the Property Industry Foundation

The Property Industry Foundation is very excited to get the new year off the ground with a fantastic new relationship with Vaughan Constructions in their shared interest in doing their part within the industry to help homeless youth needing a second chance. We got in touch with company Director Mark Byrne to get his view on why the connection with the Property Industry Foundation is important for their values and our mission.

Where does your connection to homeless youth come from?

We have all witnessed homelessness. Despite living in such a wealthy country, there is still an unacceptable homelessness situation. It is an incredibly sad and disappointing thing to see. Knowing there is homeless youths on our streets is unacceptable given the wealth of this country and the resources our Governments have.

Why have they come on board with Property Industry Foundation?

Over my years partaking in the PIF Regatta we have seen the effective contribution the Property Industry Foundation do for homeless youths.

Homelessness may not directly impact you personally, but through the events the Property Industry Foundation holds, you are reminded that there are young people on our streets who have not been as fortunate as others and require help and guidance.

The Property Industry Foundation brings awareness and shares information about a cause that is so often discussed but never acted upon.

We are impressed with the work that the Property Industry Foundation does, the way they go about it, people that they seek to support and the well-organised events they hold.

These events are increasing exposure to the cause and educating participants on the very real problems that our homeless youths are facing.

The Property Industry Foundation is stepping up and tackling Australia’s homelessness problem and filling the void left by inefficient government groups.

What event, fundraiser or activity have you worked with Property Industry Foundation on?

The PIF Regatta is the highlight.  This is an event our team and our clients look forward to every year. It is the event that helped bring our awareness to the important issue of youth homelessness.

Vaughan Constructions has participated in the PIF Regatta previously and will be participating this year also. The clients we have taken to this event have also thoroughly enjoyed the events and learned about the Property Industry Foundation and the work they do.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with the Property Industry Foundation and adopting this foundation as the cornerstone of our Corporate Responsibility. PIF not only develop awareness of Youth Homelessness in Australia they also take direct action which is the only way we as a society will rectify the current imbalance and provide assistance and guidance to those most in need.”

Mark Byrne, Director Vaughan Constructions