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The Property Industry Foundation relies on the engagement and energy of up-and-coming members of the industry who steer our Future Leaders Committees. We talked to outgoing Queensland Committee Chair Josh Clarke and incoming Chair Amy Tayt about why they signed up to donate their time and skills to the group and how they plan to work together to support homeless youth in 2023.

Meet Josh Clarke, Project Manager Johnstaff

“The Property Industry Foundation is an amazing charity and I strongly encourage anyone who has thought about donating their time to get involved.” – Josh Clarke

Why did you sign up to be part of the Future Leaders Committee originally?

I attended a couple of events, including the SleepOut and I could see the great work the Foundation was doing for vulnerable kids. Joining the Committee meant I was able to provide more to the Property Industry Foundation than just attending events. It gave us the ability to be able to leverage our networks to support the Foundation in any way we could.

Over the past few years, what have been some of the highlights and challenges?

Highlights have definitely been working with the different people on the committee, setting up and being involved in some big events, especially the Charity Regatta in 2021. Covid was obviously a massive challenge, getting businesses to engage and fund raise when everyone was doing it a bit tough was always going to be hard. The Foundation came up with great ways to keep everyone involved with the fitness challenges and utilising online meetings.

QLF PIF Regatta

What have you learnt as a group?

The importance of coming together as a team and getting to know everyone individually. We found that the engagement of the team was much more efficient when we met over a coffee or a knock off drink rather than more formal arrangements.

How would you like to see the FL committee develop?

Something I would like to see progress and grow are the worker bees and volunteering events, such as preparing meals for the homeless.

How would you like to contribute in 2023 and beyond?

I hope to continue to help the committee in any way I can and to continue fundraising and attending events. I aspire to be in the position to eventually join the Board of Advisors committee.

What will Amy bring to the role of new chair?

Amy’s engagement, charm and charisma will make it easy for everyone to enjoy giving their time to the committee. She is hard working and committed and I have no doubt she will be very successful.

Why do you believe in the Foundation’s mission to support homeless youth?

Haven House Ruth

The Foundation’s ability to leverage the property industry is like no other. They have a dedicated team of professionals who ensure that every dollar raised goes to right places, where it can make the biggest difference. In what is a challenging world environment right now it is more important than ever to continue to support those most vulnerable.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you to everyone we’ve worked with on the committee’s and at the Property Industry Foundation in general over the last few years, especially Georgia who is always working hard behind the scenes and helped us achieve some fantastic outcomes. The Foundation is an amazing charity and I strongly encourage anyone who has thought about donating their time to get involved.

PIF Qld regatta

Meet Amy Tayt, Client Relationship Manager at Apollo Property Group

“I would like to continue to evolve a culture of innovation, collaboration and creative thought.” – Amy Tayt

Why did you sign up to be part of the FL Committee?

I was looking for an opportunity to give back to the community. The Foundation delivers on this, with the added advantage that it is part of the industry in which I work, learn and grow every day. I also believe that my energy and enthusiasm can be driving forces in developing and nurturing creative and collaborative initiatives!

What do you think is important in having a Future Leaders group?

The Future Leaders Committee is an eternally evolving foundation for the future of the Property Industry Foundation. As members of the group grow in their own careers, they in turn inspire the next generation of future leaders.

What are some of the projects you work on?

The committee acts as a communication channel and spreads awareness within their individual networks. We also help to drive worker bees in current Haven Houses and with partner charities, and drive fundraising events throughout the year.

How would you like to see the committee develop as Chair?

I would like to continue to evolve a culture of innovation, collaboration and creative thought. I believe there is potential to develop, test and implement enhancements to existing programs and activities. The Future Leaders Committee should, by its very nature, always leave a legacy for the future.

Why do you believe in the Property Industry’s mission?

There are 44,000 young Australians on the street every night who all need safe and secure accommodation. Covid increased the cost of living and crippling rental and housing markets have exacerbated the difficulties. Current homeless facilities are at capacity and constantly turn people away.

Meanwhile, the Foundation is offering a number of options for these young Australians by providing a safe place to sleep and connecting them with support services. The solution is to build or renovate.  We represent the property and construction industries that build, own, or manage properties. Clearly there is a ‘call to arms’ for creative thinking, broader engagement, and real solutions!

What events are you looking forward to being part of in 2023?

Who can go past the annual Charity Regatta! It’s an incredible day out on the water, with a little bit of healthy competition and a fantastic opportunity to network with industry colleagues. In a very close second is Pedal for Homeless, because who doesn’t love lycra! Okay, one more – The Brisbane Backseat SleepOut, 2023 will be the best one yet – an event not to be missed! However, I believe all of them have greater potential for greater awareness, broader reach and, in turn, bigger returns and outcomes from a fundraising perspective!