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Thank you to everyone who attended our Friends of the Foundation event on Thursday 11 May in Melbourne. Over 120 people from the property and construction industries come together that evening to hear from three industry leaders in a panel hosted by Tim Slattery, Chair Board of Advisors Property Industry Foundation, about our role in ending youth homelessness:

  • Carmel Hourigan, Office CEO, Charter Hall
  • Chris Chapple, CEO, ISPT
  • Deborah Coakley, Executive General Manager, Funds Management, Dexus

Monica Fontaine from Built. Chair Haven House Committee VIC, Property Industry Foundation updated the attendees on one of its 2023 Haven Projects, Haven House Shepparton (The Nest).

This is a partnership between the Property Industry Foundation, Women’s Property Initiatives and The Bridge Youth Service to build 3 x two-bedroom homes where young mums (up to 25 years old) can live independently with their child or children.

These homes will provide a haven for young mums who can live for up to five years with the support of The Bridge Youth Service and each other.

As well as providing stability, support and safety, a crucial element of the program is to provide tenants with a rental history that provides future access to the private rental market when their circumstances allow for tenants to make that choice.

  • Women’s Property Initiatives support women by providing permanent and affordable homes, access to support networks and ongoing advocacy.
  • The Bridge Youth Service will provide the frontline support so they can live independently and actively participate in the community.
  • Powered by the industry, the Property Industry Foundation builds homes for homeless youth and provides ongoing support for homes where young people can rebuild their lives.

“The Property Industry Foundation fully underwrites each Haven Project, so we know when we start a project, we can guarantee that it will be finished. We raise funds for the entire build through diverse ways such as our Steps for Homeless Youth and Tour de PIF events, our industry partners and well as key funders.

For Haven House Shepparton, our key funders to date are The Danks Trust, ISPT, Mercy Foundation, Homes for Homes and Women’s Property Initiatives through their own generous supporters. It is wonderful to have this support from the industry and the greater community on a whole.

This project will change the lives of young women and their children, not only through providing a stable home and supportive place for them to begin parenthood and the children to start their lives. An important part of the Bridge Youth Services program is to provide residents with a rental history so they can move into the private rental market when their circumstances allow them to do so.”

Tim Slattery, Chair Board of Advisors VIC, Property Industry Foundation

The project’s building partner, Modular Spaces, was announced on the night.

The evening was hosted and sponsored by Charter Hall