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Home is where the heart is - A new partnership is asking you to turn houses into homes for Homeless Youth

This year, The Home Show visitors and exhibitors can join the fight to combat youth homelessness through The Home Show’s partnership with the Property Industry Foundation. 

Every night there are 44,000 young Australians without a safe and secure place to sleep. Not every young person is able to live with their family and for many, foster families are not available. They need a safe and secure place to rebuild their lives. The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this problem of youth homelessness.

“I firmly believe the youth of Australia are the future of tomorrow. By partnering with organisations that invest in helping disadvantaged youth, I believe together we can make a difference. Now more than ever, our home is our haven, our safe place and our shelter. Ensuring youth have a place to call home is fundamental in ensuring their security and happiness as well as a smooth transition into independent living,”

Jane Ford, Managing Director, Exhibitions and Events Australiathe organiser of The Home Show

“The very act of creating a home can help provide a more secure future for a young homeless person,”

“This wonderful partnership with The Home Show offers visitors and exhibitors an opportunity to play their part in tackling youth homelessness.”

Kate Mills, CEO, Property Industry Foundation

“The Home Show teams are inspired by helping people turn their houses into homes they love,”

“We love that the Property Industry Foundation taps into the expertise and building capability of the property and construction industry and believe that if we work together, we can make great things happen.”

Jane Ford, Managing Director, Exhibitions and Events Australia

The Home Shows across Australia are embedded in the renovation and building industry and strive to do their part in making that space more sustainable and socially responsible.  They do this through interactive, free and inspiring features and seminars showcasing like-minded exhibitors in their events across Australia:  

  • Brisbane Home Show 26 – 28 FEB 2021 | BCEC SOUTH BANK 
  • Perth Home Show 26 – 28 MARCH 2021 | PCEC 
  • Melbourne Home Show 16 – 18 APRIL 2021 | MCEC, SOUTH WHARF 
  • Sydney Home Show 21 – 23 MAY 2021 | ICC SYDNEY, DARLING HARBOUR 
  • Perth Home Show 6 – 8 AUG 2021 | PCEC 
  • Melbourne Home Show 20 – 22 AUG 2021 | MCEC, SOUTH WHARF 
  • Brisbane Home Show 10 – 12 SEPT 2021 | BCEC SOUTH BANK 

EEA (Exhibitions and Events Australia) is Australia’s largest consumer exhibition organiser, with more than ten years’ experience and events across the 4 major Australian cities, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth.