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The Journey of a Qualified Tradesman

Jayden*, through the nurturing environment of Haven House Parkview, has flourished into a fully qualified plumber. His path from an aspiring apprentice to a professional tradesman speaks volumes about the efficacy of the program’s approach to vocational training and personal development.

“I owe a great deal of my success to the foundational support and guidance provided by KARI House. It was there that I learned not just the skills of my trade, but also the value of perseverance and dedication,” Jayden

Jayden’s story underscores the overarching success of KARI House in not merely facilitating the transition of First Nations youth to independent living but in fostering their holistic development. Through targeted support, KARI House has enabled these young people to integrate effectively into their communities and achieve commendable professional success. The initiative stands as a paragon of empowerment, demonstrating the profound impact of comprehensive support on the lives of First Nations youth.

Jayden Plumber Apprentice 2

Haven House Parkview, also known as KARI House, was built in 2020 through a partnership between the Property Industry Foundation, Parkview, Rawson Home and KARI. This home is an initiative dedicated to the empowerment and support of First Nations youth in their transition to independent living, has been a beacon of success, illustrated profoundly through the journeys of its former residents.

“His exceptional skills and work ethic are evident in everything he does. It’s clear that KARI House has instilled in him not just the technical abilities, but also the character needed to excel in the trades industry,”

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