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The Urban Developer has joined the Property Industry Foundation as a valued National Partner. Founder and CEO Adam Di Marco is looking forward to investing in providing vulnerable young people with safe housing and a second chance in life.

A Natural Fit

Teaming up with the Foundation is a great fit for The Urban Developer’s core beliefs. “When we started The Urban Developer, our core belief was to improve the property industry we needed to bring professionals together with news, information and events,” says Adam. “This mission now has a direct outlet to the most vulnerable members of the community through our partnership with the Foundation. By leveraging our platform, our community and our own team alongside the Property Industry Foundation, we can maximise the impact of this core belief.”

A Combined Effort


Solving the housing crisis and youth homelessness will take a combination of industry and community. “From an industry perspective, we need to find new models and solutions for housing our most vulnerable. It’s about doing it better, smarter and more efficiently,” says Di Marco. “From a community perspective, we need to invest more in housing that provides young people with the opportunities to make meaningful contributions back to society. Building housing is an investment, not a cost.”

“From our perspective, partnering up with the Property Industry Foundation was a no-brainer. We’ve always been very interested in the impact that we can make in the community and the contribution we can foster through our platform. It was an obvious and logical fit to become more involved in a national partnership with the Foundation.”

Adam Di Marco, founder and CEO, The Urban Developer

All In for Homeless Youth

The Urban Developer is committed to supporting the Foundation in building safe and secure housing for homeless youth and giving them scaffolding to succeed in the long term through our charity partners. “We hope to work with the Foundation in three simple ways – awareness, funding and action,” says Di Marco. “Our platform helps raise awareness of the Foundation’s campaigns which will, in turn, help to raise funds and drive action among our community. We’re all-in on the entire Property Industry Foundation campaign across Australia and we can’t wait to get involved in it all. Our team across Australia is excited by the prospect of expanding their networks and making a contribution to the community.”