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A space to make change

The Property Industry Foundation is incredibly excited to welcome Unispace as a Platinum Donor and a new member of our fantastic property and construction community. Unispace is a company that is engrained in family values, which became evident when seeing their responses to our questions about joining our awesome community.

1. Why support a cause like around youth homelessness?

Unispace works in every city across Australia and as we attend our offices and our project sites our staff see the sad reality of youth homelessness on a daily basis. 44,000 youths don’t have a place to call home every night and behind these figures are individual stories of young people who need a second chance. As an organisation look forward to making an impact.

2. What connected you to the Property Industry Foundation?

Unispace started as a family business back in 2010 and our family values have drawn us to the Property Industry Foundation. We hope to help the homeless youth across our country through the Foundation, by providing young individuals with stability and an opportunity to take control of their future. We are eager to work closely with the Foundation, supporting with our expertise, our fundraising efforts and the time of our people.

4. How are you planning to partner with the Property Industry Foundation?

We are most looking forward to being part of a team who will help coordinate a project, actively participate in the worker bees and ensure the Property Industry Foundation have every opportunity to leverage our collective supply chain.

The Property Industry Foundation values partnerships with companies like Unispace that understands that building homes for homeless youth isn’t a game of numbers, each person we help has their own story and circumstance that we strive to help in our actions and with our relationships.

Thank you Unispace for being part of our cause.