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We’re excited to welcome workplace strategy, design and construction firm Unispace as sponsors for the Tour de PIF BrisbaneThe event will raise $30,000 to build PIF House Ruth Project, a 3-bedroom house for the Salvation Army.

What benefit does Tour de PIF bring to Unispace, and the property and construction industry as a whole?

Unispace is proud to be supporting PIF. For us, it’s important that the work we do has a positive impact on the local community.  

Unispace are PIF Platinum Donors, and we look forward to getting involved in PIF activities across Australia, whether that’s partnering on projects, such as the Girls and Boys Brigade refurbishment we’re running in Sydney, or sponsoring and participating in the Tour de PIF, Brisbane.  

Our Brisbane team are really looking forward to the day in terms of meeting like-minded industry peers, but more importantly, raising much needed funds to help youth experiencing homelessness. 

Across Unispace all team members are really behind this issue, whether it’s on our worksites or in our studios, and we really value the contribution that PIF makes in this space. It’s really important that industry professionals get involved with PIF in any way they can because youth homelessness is something that we should all want to end. We’re honoured to be a part of it.  

How important are fundraising events like Tour de PIF in contributing to helping young lives?

Being a part of events like the Tour de PIF is Incredibly important to UnispaceYouth homelessness is a cause we want to shine a light on; we know that every night there are 4,500 young people in Queensland who are without safe and secure housing[1] and know that’s what needed are more transitional spaces where young people can go to get the services they need.  

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So knowing that the funds raised from Tour de PIF Brisbane will build the Ruth Project – a three-bedroom safe house in partnership with the Salvation Army, which will house women and children – escaping domestic violence, we can really see a tangible outcome from the events we are fundraising for. It’s a stepping stone for young people who need support and our team is so pleased to be involved.

What activities are the Unispace team taking part in this Tour de PIF?

The great thing about the Tour de PIF is that it caters for all fitness levels. We’ve got 5 team members joining on the day, and they will be walking, running and cycling! Then it’s on to lunch and connecting with our peers, and we’re delighted to be sponsoring the lunch and supplying this year’s raffle prize.  

And of course, we’re really excited about the impact the event is going to have in terms of supporting youth experiencing homelessness, there’s a real spirit to the day in that sense, it’s a good feeling, the property community coming together to make a real difference. We’re really looking forward to it.    

Tour de PIF 2019

Unispace works in every capital city across Australia and as we attend our offices and our project sites, our staff see the sad reality of youth homelessness on a daily basis. Our values have drawn us to the Property Industry Foundation, and we supporting with our expertise across strategy, design and construction, as well as through fundraising efforts and the time of our people.