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A 30-Day Fitness Challenge to make your own

With just 10 days until the 30-Day Fitness Challenge kicks off, the pre-challenge rituals and fitness preparation is starting to amp up. Our cyclists, runners and walkers are being joined this year by challengers who can choose their own activity. These challengers can flaunt their creative and unique ways of achieving physical and mental wellbeing while fundraising for homeless youth.

How do you keep fit?

Are you a GYM rat, yoga enthusiast, Ice skater and so on? The 30-Day Fitness Challenge wants you to take your talents and turn them into tangible results for homeless youth in need. Use your skill for good as you challenge yourself outside of your normal routine in the name of raising funds to build more bedrooms for homeless youth.

Lifting weights
Yoga pose
Male Swimmer
Football player

Push yourself to new limits. ocean or squad swimmers can set a goal for laps, football teams can use the challenge to hold themselves accountable to training for the season, have a weightlifting number you want to hit? Make the 30-Day Fitness Challenge the thing that helps you get there.

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When picking your fitness activity, select other.

Tell the world

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Inspire others with your unique fitness feats by sharing and updating your profile page with your accomplishments. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is all about empowerment for you and youth in need. Leave updates and share photos of what you are doing and how you are going on your profile and inspire others to take action.

We can’t wait to see what exciting ways you all are planning to get fit for youth homelessness!